Wholesale 100pcs Amass XT90S XT90-S XT90 Connector Anti-Spark Male Female Connector for Battery, ESC and Charger Lead


Color: 100pcs XT90-S female

Product Description

  • . Description:

  • Brand Name: Amass

  • Item Name: Sparkproof Connector Plug

  • Item Number:XT90-S

  • Current: 90A

  • Peak current: 120A

  • Plug Size: 4.5mm

    Package included:
    100pcs amass connector

  • XT90 uses 4.5mm banana plug inserted

  • Using lightweight design, light weight, small size

  • Resistant to high current

  • Anti-plug ignition design


The male plug is for ESC, female plug is for battery

Unique XT90-S is the anti-plug ignition design, the fuselage in the small plug into the resistance, to achieve a large volume of AS150 previously required in order to achieve the anti-plug ignition function. Compatible ordinary XT90.XT90-S plug, XT90 plug on the basis of the success of selling on the introduction of an upgraded version of the plug to respond to the requirements of resistance to higher current plug on the market today



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