X-UAV Clouds 1880mm Wingspan EPO FPV Aerial version Aircraft RC Airplane KIT/PNP Electric Remote Control Aircraft


Color: KIT

Brand Name: X-UAV
Item Name: Clouds
Material: EPO
Overall Length: 960mm
Height: 260mm
Wings: Removable
V-Tail: Removable
Mission Payloads: 60-1200g
Take-off: Throw ejected
Elevation: 6000m
Cruising Speed: 50-80km/h
Cruise Time: 1.5-3h
Anti-wind Grade: LV.6
Spacecraft ca: 7R/RX1
Landing: Downhill or parachute

Recommended Part(Not Included):
Motor: 2814 KV840 *2
ESC: 40A*2
Servo: 9g*5
Blade: 11x7
Lipo Battery: 4S 10000-22000mAh or 6S 10000-16000mAh
Radio System: 2.4G 6CH

Use durable white EPO foam material
Light weight,large load,strong structure.
Simple and easy to use,easy to throw off,can also take off the landslide.gliding parachute landing.
The aircraft can be disassembled,which is convenient for carrying out the work.

Package Included:
1x X-UAV Clouds



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