VIFLY Whoop Series Board Balance Charging Board 6 Port 1S LIPO Battery XT60 Input for PH2.0 BT2.0 / GNB27 1S FPV Tinywhoop


Color: PH2.0 BT2.0


Firstly,turn the knob to the corresponding position according to the battery quantity

you will charge, then plug-in the batteries in sequence "1S-2S-3S...", finally connect the series board to the charger with cables.

Example: You have 3 whoop batteries to charge, firstly turn the knob to "3S" position, then plug the battery into port 1S, 2S and 3S in sequence, and finally connect it to the charger with the balance cable and XT60 cable

1.  Knob

2.  1S Lipo Battery Ports

3.  Fuse


It is series board not parallel board. For example, when you are charging 4pcs 300mAh lipos, set your charger to 0.3A for 1C or 0.6A for 2C. NOT 1.2A or 2.4A.
The specs of all batteries should be the same, ie, battery capacity, battery type, brand, etc.
Never leave the board unattended while charging or discharging.
Do not charge over 1.5amps. The fuse is 5A that not means you can charge it in 5A, the knob is rated for 1.5A so don't charge it over 1.5A.
Don't plug in both PH2.0 and BT2.0/GNB27 battery in the same port.



Dimensions : 73*39*33mm

Weight :49g
Battery type : PH2.0 & BT2.0 / GNB27

Max charging current : 1.5A


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