SoloGood Servo Signal Reverser Rotation Inverter 3.6V - 24V Steering Gear Reverser for JR Futaba Aircraft Airplane Steering Gear and Any Servos


Color: 4-6V

  • Servo self-reversing signal, Suitable for any service;
  • You can do reverse servo forward rotation and reverse forward rotation, you only have to install in series on the servo reverse channel.
  • Easy handling!
  • Don't worry about any inverse servo anymore.
Input voltage: 4V ~ 6V (not more than 6V)
Electric current: 2A
Signal type: Servo (automatic detection)
Plug type: JR
Weight: 6g

Item:RC Servo Signal Reverser HV :

Voltage: 3.6V-24V.
Current: 5A.
Weight: 6g
Signal type: Servo (automatic detection)
Plug type: JR
Usage:Servo Signal Reverser can be used in line to reverse the signal to a servo.
Plug Type for JR Male and Female.

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