Sunnysky X2220 III X2220-III KV980 KV1150 KV1400 KV2200 3S Outrunner Brushless Motor Designed for Fixed Wing 3D 3A Glider


Color: 1PCS 980KV

Brand Name: SunnySky
Item Name: Brushless Motor
Series Name: X2220-III
KV: KV980/KV1150/KV1400/KV2200 (optional)


1.With long life Japanese NSK ball bearings, efficient Japanese, Kawasaki stator steel.
2.Oxygen free pure comer wires, CNC machined aluminum case,
3.High Temperature Resistance: durable magnets and silicone wire leads are able to withstand high temperatures.
4.Brushless Motor: light weight, 980KV /1150KV/1400KV 2200KV powerful brushless motor bring you a stimulated flight. 
5.Patented balance techniques.
1.This professional brushless motor comes with high quality. 
2.Powerful motor is sure to bring you stimulated flight.
3.It is a good choice for RC drone fans.
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