STPHOBBY Armor 5" 215mm Carbon Fiber Frame Kits for FPV Freestyle 5inch Analog Digital Drones DIY Parts



Frame Features
Ultra-light customized protective case to protect Denso;

Door-style design usb parameter adjustment is more convenient

Air-guiding groove design, easy for air circulation, improve heat dissipation

Classic Angel Lip Design with interchangeable foot pads

Innovative TPU locking structure for easy installation;

Special oil-injection surface technology, excellent texture;

The Frame comes with a universal dog seat, compatible with a variety of action cameras

The main parameters
Brand Name: STPHOBBY
Model: Armor 5
Wheelbase Dimensions: 215mm
Top plate thickness: 2mm
Bottom plate thickness: 2mm
Center plate thickness: 3mm
Flight control mounting holes: 30.5mm×30.5mm/20 mm×20 mm
Video transmission mounting hole: 20mm x 20mm
Motor mounting holes: 16mm x 16mm
Lens Size: 19-20mm
Suitable for propeller size: 5 inch propeller
Dimensions: 200mm x 165mm x 32mm
Weight: 135.0g.

acking list

1x2.0mm top plate
1x2.0mm bottom plate
4 x 5.0mm arms
1x3.0mm center plate
1x2.5mm arm limit plate
2x2mm camera fixed side plate

Screw Pack:
8x M3x28 aluminum posts
1xM5x20 bolt
1xM5 round head nut
4×M3x28 plate screws
4xM2 Nuts
4×M2x16 Pan Head Black Nickel Plated Screws
12×M3x8 Pan Head Black Nickel Plated Screws
14×M3x6 Pan Head Black Nickel Plated Screws
16xM3x10 Pan Head Black Nickel Plated Screws

3D Prints:
1 x GPS Fixture
1 x Arm Limit Plate Fixture
4x foot pads
2 x camera mounts
1 x Video Transmission Antenna Base
1 x Universal Dog Holder
2×Camera guards
2 x Denso Protection Board
2 x Image Transmission Protection Board
Other Accessories:
2xM20x250 battery ties
2 x battery anti-skid pads

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