SoloGood Portable Fireproof Explosion-Proof Lipo Battery Safety Bag Airforth Silver for RC Vehicle Airplane Helicopter Batteries


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Multiple Functional Lipo Battery Bag Explosion proof Bag  Lipo Battery Protection Guard Safety Bag for LiPo Charging

Why do we need a lipo security bag?
The Lipo batteries have a risk of fire. This is not least due to the responsiveness of the ingredient lithium, which ignites spontaneously on contact with oxygen.
The size of the battery is irrelevant! Even smaller batteries are affected by this risk.
In order to ensure the storage of the batteries and the charging process, must use a lipo safety bag.
Battery Protective Bag / Lithium Explosion Proof Bag
Warning: Do not use rechargeable batteries unattended. Always make sure that the battery is on a non-flammable surface. The purpose of the Lipo safety bag is to reduce the chances of damaged in the event of a lipo fir.
Surpose: For safer charging and storage of lipo batteries
Dimensions(LxWxH): 8.38*4.3*6.3inch
Weight: 222g
Material:Textile fiberglass material with fireproof coating
Manufacturer :SoloGood
Package:1PC Lipo Battery Bag
Used for storing and protecting lithium battery from being damaged.
It is blast-proof and fireproof, can protect the battery better.
Useful for storage, travel and during charging.
Lithium battery protection, all kinds of battery protection, charging protection.
Advice from a Sincere Shopkeeper:I have been in the battery industry for many years and have received positive feedback from numerous buyers. The most important thing about this bag is that it fits every battery! If you are in need,for the sake of your family, please buy one , this is the best choice!

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