SoloGood Mark4 8inch FPV Dron Frame Soulload 2812 900KV 5-8S Brushless Motor SoloGood F722 V1 60A Stack ICM42688P for FPV Drones



INAV firmware

  • Support up to 8 motor outputs to easily build X8 drones.

  • Integrated 5V/10V dual BEC ensures stable operation

  • Four LED status indicators display the working status under different states.

  • Although the flight control is small, it has all five internal components. The F722 main control chip, onboard OSD chip, barometer, and onboard black box chip.

  • The use of large pads ensures that the pads are kept away from components to ensure perfect soldering for beginners.

SoloGood F722 Stack

Input voltage: 3-6S Lipo(11v-26v max)

Installing Hole: 30.5*30.5mm, M3

Support Protocols: DShot600/300

Weight: 23g


FC Specifications


Main control: STM32F722RET6

Gyroscope: ICM42688P

Barometer: Support (DPS310)

OSD: Support (AT7456E)

BEC: 10V/2A, 5V/2A

UART port: 6

Black box: onboard (16M flash memory)

Number of supported motors: M1-M8


Input voltage: 3-6S lithium battery (11-30V MAX)

Output voltage: VBAT

Installation hole: 30.5x30.5mm (4mm aperture)

Flight control size: 38.5x38.5mm

Weight: 8.1 grams

LED status: blue: gyroscope status, green: 3V3 indication, red: 5Vbec indication, white: 10Vbec indication

DJI/Vista: Support/6pin

Electric regulation

TVS protective diode: Yes

External capacitor: 1000uF high-frequency low resistance capacitor (included in the packaging)

ESC/Motor Protocol: DSHOT300/600

Continuous current: 60A

Maximum current :65A

Installation hole: 30.5x30.5mm (4mm aperture)

For more info about FC, pls scan this app


Sologood BLS60A 4in1 ESC SPEC:

Firmware: BLHELI-S: J-H-30-16.7

Continuous current 55A

Maximum current 60A

Electric dispatch protocol support: DSHOT300/600

Input voltage: 3-6s

Galvanometer: Yes

TVS diode protection: Yes

External capacitor: 1000UF high-frequency electrolytic capacitor

Installation hole position 30.5x30.5mm (4mm hole)

Size: 41.5mm X42mm

Weight: 15g

MARK4 8 inch
Wheelbase: 366mm
Weight: 181g
Thickness of base plate: 2M
Top Plate Thickness: 2. 5mm
Side Plate Thickness: 2. 5mm
Plywood Thickness: 3MM
Arm Thickness: 6mm
Camera mounting pitch: 19mm
Flight control mounting hole spacing: 20*20/30.5*30.5m
Distance between mounting holes for map transmission
20*20/30. 5*30. 5mm
Motor Mounting Pitch: 16*16/19*19mm

Precision Balanced Rotor Test
14P12N High Torque Motor Design
CNC 6061-T6 Aluminum Bell
High Temperature Resistant Copper Wire Winding

●Brand: Soulload
●Weight: 75g (including the cables)
●Motor Size: 33.6 x 42.5mm
●Shaft Diameter: 6.0mm
●Motor Mount: 19*19mm(M3*6)
●Configuration: 12N14P
●Motor Cable: 18#AWG  220mm

●KV Value: 900KV 
●Recommend: 7~9 inch prop application

2812KV 900KV Motor Specification

Max pull:4100g
Suggested ESC: 50A~60A
Maximum Power:1552W
Suggested Prop: 9050-3R inch prop

Packing list:
4pcs Soulload 2812 900kv Motor

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