SoloGood ELRS 915mhz 2.4G Receiver ExpressLRS With T type Antenn Best Performance in Speeds Latency Range for RC Racing Drone


Color: ELRS 2.4G


  • Weight: 0.7g (Receiver only)

  • Size: 12mm*19mm

  • Telemetry power: 20dbm

  • Frequency bands (ELRS 2.G Receiver 2.4G version): 2.4GHz ISM

  • Input voltage: 5V

  • Antenna connector: IPEX MHF


ELRS 2.4G Receiver version diagram as shown below.




Know More About ExpressLRS

ExpressLRS is an open-source RC link for RC applications. Everyone could find this project on Github or join the discussion inFacebook Group.

ExpressLRS is based on Semtech Lora SX127x or SX1280 hardware for RX and TX respectively. it aims to achieve the best possible link performance in both speeds, latency, and range. At 900 MHz a maximum of 200 Hz packet rate is supported. At 2.4 GHz a blistering 500Hz is currently supported with a custom OpenTX build. This makes ExpressLRS one of the fastest RC links available while still offering long-range performance.

More and more vendors start to support the ExpressLRS radio protocol in different parts, like radio transmitter with ELRS in stock, drone with built-in ELRS receiver, ELRS TX module for JR bay, or Nano bay. BETAFPV team take part in this project and provide a series of ExpressLRS components.



Configuration & Bind 

ExpressLRS uses the Crossfire serial protocol (AKA CRSF protocol) to communicate between the receiver and the flight controller board. So make sure your flight controller board supports the CRSF serial protocol. Next, we use the flight controller with Betaflight firmware to show how to set up the CRSF protocol.

The connection between the ELRS Nano receiver and the FC board is shown below.



Enable the corresponding UART (e.g. UART3 below) as a Serial Rx on Betaflight Configurator "Ports" tab.



On the "Configuration" tab, select "Serial-based receiver" on the "Receiver" panel, and select "CRSF" as the protocol. Telemetry is optional here and will reduce your stick update rate due to those transmit slots being used for telemetry.




  • 1 * ELRS 2.4G Receiver

  • 1 * T antenna

  • 1 * Pin Header 1x4

  • 1 * ELRS2.4G Receiver User Manual









SoloGood ELRS 915MHZ receiver specification:


SoloGood 915MHZ Receiver Parameters:


Model: ELRS 915mhz RX

Firmware: 3.3.0 BETAFPV 900 RX

Name: Express LRS RX

Frequency: 915 Mhz

Antenna: T-type

Chip: SX 1276+ESP 8285
Color: black
Backhaul power: 50 MW
Input voltage: 3.6V-5.5V

Antenna Connector: IPEX1

Weight: 0.6g (receiver only)

Size: 11mm*18mm

Package Included:

SoloGood ELRS 915MHZ Receiver x 1

T type receiver antenna x 1

Heat shrink tube x 1

30AWG Silicone Wire x 4




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