SoloGood ELRS 2.4G High-Frequency Head Voyage High Brush 500Hz Signal Enhancement General JR Warehouse External Power Supply



LCD5802S VS LCD5802D 5802 FPV Monitor 7" 7 Inch LCD Screen 800*480 5.8G 40CH with Built in Battery for FPV Multicopter

Product Parameters
Data Refresh Rate
RF Output Power
Frequency Band
2.4GHz ISM
Return Packet Rate: .
Can be closed, 1:2/1:4/1:81:161:32/1:64/1:128
Support WIFI upgrade
Adapt to all Kinds of Remote Control
Xiugu tuner supports the interface of JR warehouse, and provides it for those without JR warehouse interface
GND / VCC / CRSF interface, support most ELRS on the market
receiver. Supports all OpenTX remotes and some closed-source remotes
(T16IZ, T16SZ, T18SZ, ET16, etc.)
External Power Supply, Worry-free Voyage
Equipped with XT30/Type-C interface, can be externally powered (5V-12V)
2S (8.4V) batteries are recommended, 3S (12.6V) and above batteries are not supported
Failure to do so will result in permanent damage
Special Function
Built-in Overvoltage Protection Chip
5PIN Relax Plug
Type C Data Serial Port
XT30 Powered
Easily adjust Parameters
High Brightness Color Screen
True five-way Button
Transmit Power
250/500 (mW)
Upgrade With TFT Color Screen
Built-in TFT color screen and a 5D parameter adjustment button (use short press as a touch switch
switch, long press to confirm), adjustable parameters include transmit power data packets
Frequency, return rate, RGB light color, pair frequency, upgrade
Maximum power 500mW
2.4GHz: 25mW/50mW/10mW/250mW/500mW
1. Do not connect 3S or above Batteries to The Micro Tuner. Otherwise, Permanent Damage Will be Caused
2. Before Powering on The Micro Tuner, Please install the Matching antenna. Otherwise, it Will Cause Damage to The PA Chip of The Tuner



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