SoloGood APEX HD5 Frame 5inch lightweight FPV Freestyle Frame compatible with DJI O3 Air Unit CADDX vista for HD Drone Quadcopte


Color: APEX HD 5 Frame

APEX HD Frame Kit FPV RC Racing Drone Quadcopter For CADDX vista polar nebula pro RunCam Link Phoenix DJI O3 Air unit 2306 motor

Brand Name: SoloGood
Model:  APEX HD.
Arm Plate Thickness: 5.5MM.
Bottom Plate Thickness: 2.5mm.
Upper Plate Thickness: 2.5mm.
Side plate thickness: 2mm.
Aluminum column height:28 / 20mm.
Weight: 130g/Including 3D printed parts 158g(Different production batches will vary ).
Material: 3K Carbon Fiber.
FC Hole distance:  (front: 30.5X30.5 / 25.5x25.5 / 20X20MM) / (Rear: 30.5X30.5 / 25.5x25.5 / 20X20MM).
Motor Hole distance :16*16/19*19MM.
Suitable propeller: 5inch.
Support camera: 22MM(The installation of 14MM/19MM/20MM cameras can be achieved through 3D printed parts)

Package list:
1 set Frame KIT, without any electronic equipment

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