SoloGood 5.8G 4.3 Inch FPV Monitor with DVR 40CH LCD Display 16:9 NTSC/PAL Video Record with LST-S2 5.8GB 800TVL AIO Camera


Color: monitor with LST-S2












  • This FPV monitor is 800*480 high-definition screen, 16:9 display ratio, bring the best image display effect.

  • Use 4.3 inch IPS screen, better display effect, not easy to reflect light outdoors, more power saving.

  • The display has a one-key automatic search function, simple operation.

  • Low power consumption, environmental protection and stable performance.

  • High sensitivity 5.8G reception, dual antenna reception, signal more stable.

LST-S2 FPV Camera

Sensor: 1/4 "CMOS
Lens: M8 800TVL Lens

Angle: 150 ° FOV horizontal viewing angle of 170 ° DFOV diagonal perspective     
Format: NTSC / PAL (switchable)
Power consumption: 380mA @ 3 · 7V
Power: 3.6-5.5V
Lens Mirror Diameter: 2.1mm IR coated FOV150 (horizontal)

Video Transmitter

Support video format: NTSC / PAL
Output Impedance: 75 Ohm
Output signal strength: 23 ~ 24dBm
Output Power: 25mW
Wireless Channel: 40CH
Antenna: RHCP circular polarization clover leaf antenna
Operating voltage: 3.6V ~ 5.5V
Current: 100mA
Audio carrier: 6.5MHz

Button function
Short press (Apr. 1 sec or less): Change channels 1-8
Long press (More than 1.5 sec): Change bands A-B-E-F-R
Long + press (More than 3 sec): Change NTSC/PAL system

NTSC or PAL (selectable; Blue LED on= NTSC; Blue LED off=PAL)  


Weight: 3.6g
Size: 26x20x18mm (without antenna)


AIO FPV camera, transmitter , antenna all 3 functions in one limit size and weight
150 ° FOV horizontal viewing angle of 170 ° DFOV diagonal perspective
Five bands 40 channels with Race band

Package Included:
1X SoloGood 4.3inch FPV Monitor
1 X LST-S2 AIO FPV Camera
1 X wiring harness
1 X User Manual

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