Skywolf TL-380D Professional Sonar Fish Finder Dual Body GPS Bait Boat Hook Nesting 500M Remote Control


Color: TL380D UK


Skywolf dual-body intelligent remote control nesting boat dual-frequency fish finder + GPS positioning nesting and ranging machine

Main material: engineering plastic (ABS) and stainless steel (304)


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Video of Sirius Fighting Off the Nest 181

Bait boat specification:
Dimensions: 560*330*200mm Pod location storage: 12 groups
Weight(including battery):3kg  Weight (without battery):2.25kg
Bait tank max loading : 1.5kg ×2(Free switching Single and double bait tank)
Motor : 380SR (enhanced) X 2
Battery: 3.7v/10Ah lithium battery X 2
Full battery capacity : 3-3.5 hours
Speed : 60 meters / minute
Remote control distance: About 300 meters
Radio specification:
Working frequency: 433MHz ISM band, 6 user-selectable channels Transmission mode:two-way digital transmission FSK modulation
Display: FSTN 128 * 128 four gray dot matrix LCD display.
Power: 4 AA (5) battery 1.5v × 4
Remote control distance: 300 meters
Transmitting power: 17dbm
Dimensions: 170mm ×100mm × 40mm
Radio Function Operation:
the boat stops.

Dual frequency fish detection, GPS positioning automatic navigation, nesting, automatic return, GPS ranging all-in-one machine, no need to install other devices separately!



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