Skywolf TL-380B Professional Two-body Intelligent Remote Control Nesting Boat Long-distance Automatic Bait Hook Fishing 500M


Color: TL380B US Charger


Skywolf remote control fishing boat


Main material: engineering plastic (ABS) and stainless steel (304)


Remote control distance: The effective distance is 500 meters,

and the actual distance is directly related to the current environment!

It will be farther when used in an environment without obstruction and strong signal interference, which shall prevail according to the actual situation.


use video


Video of TL (Sirius) getting off the Internet ~A&firsttime=181


Skywolf takes you out of the misunderstanding of choosing a boat:


1. The bigger the boat, the more stable it is?

Catamarans have advantages over monohulls in terms of load and stability! However, it is not necessary to have a big boat. The choice should be made according to the actual situation. If the wind and waves are too large, no matter how big the boat is, there is no advantage. Fishing itself is a leisurely way to enjoy life in a relaxed manner. A boat that is too large is too heavy and inconvenient to carry. After all, not all fishing grounds can be directly driven by car. It is recommended to choose a catamaran with a weight of about 5 kg!


2. The remote control distance is 1000 meters?

As we all know, 2.4GHZ is not suitable for use on the water surface. The effective distance of 2.4GHZ on the water surface (note that it is the effective distance) is very good if it is 200 meters to 300 meters. As for more than 300 meters, it can only be haha. If there are certain requirements for distance, please select a frequency other than 2.4GHZ.


3. The appearance of the boat?

This is a personal preference, it is recommended to choose injection molding (good consistency in mass production, good waterproofness, sturdy and durable)


4. The performance of the boat?

Dual-body dual-power is sure, battery capacity is directly related to battery life, so choose a large-capacity one as much as possible, or one that is easy to replace. Also, the less mechanical structure, the better! The less attention the better! ! ! It is necessary to have a reverse function, because generally good fishing spots are in more complicated waters, such as water bays. If you cannot reverse, the consequences can be imagined. I hope that all anglers can choose a boat that suits them, and there will be no "air force" from now on.

Sirius double body intelligent remote control nesting boat

the boat stops.



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