Skystars BOLT5 200mm 5 Inch FPV T700 Carbon Frame 5mm Arm Support 22-23-24 Motor Propeller for PFV Racing Drone RC Quad


Color: BOLT5 Frame
  • The T700 is made of imported carbon cloth. The process is also good. It has chamfering and polishing. It is a high-end configuration
  • It is specially made for the cross race. It is not suitable for Huafei. It cannot be installed in DJI Sky Terminal because of its fast speed. If it is installed in DJI Sky Terminal, there will be a delay
  • The price is a little more expensive than ordinary products, but much cheaper than racks with the same performance of the brand
  • This rack is designed by BCROW brands


5-5.1 inch frame for FPV racing(Ture X)


T700 Carbon

Arm Thickness:5mm

Motor mounting hole:16*16*M3

ESC/FC mounting hole:20*20*M3

Cam spec:14mm

Cam mount:40-60°

YFS screw, grade 12.9

4 ultralight aviation titanium alloy screws for stack

Weight: about76g

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