RC Model Car Multi-function Pliers Shock Absorber Pliers Oil Pressure Core Connecting Rod Ball Nose Pliers Assembly Tools


Product introduction
Aluminum alloy overload multi-function pliers tool

Hot Racing Aluminum Overload Multifunction Pliers Tool

Not just an impact tool, but a must-have for every racer





CNC Machined Aluminum Structure Multifunctional Pliers Tool

Ergonomic Grip Design

Black anodized, durable, corrosion-resistant and beautiful

Accommodates a variety of impact shaft and impact body sizes

Integrated shock end or rod end ball mounts facilitate shock removal and maintenance

Flat Head and Cap Screw Length Gauges

Tire 2.5mm hole punch combination spring handle

- A soldering fixture, screw fixture for various types of connectors

Storage location in handel (M5 x 30mm clamping screw)

Package Included:
1x Multifunctional Pliers


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