Radiomaster JP 4-in-1 Tuner Multiple Protocol Supported External Remote Control for RC Racing Drone


Color: JP4IN1 4 in 1

Reminder: The outer box packaging of the JP4IN1 tuner is the old box packaging of RADIOBOSS, and the tuner is the Radiomaster LOGO trademark packaging.

1. To use this tuner, the OPEN TX system of the remote control must be upgraded to version 2.2 or higher.
2. Use this tuner to match the code with the receiver in the remote control menu.
3.Before inserting the tuner, the remote control must be turned off, and the tuner must be connected to the antenna.
The JP4IN1 tuner module integrates four radio frequency chips, CC2500, NRF24L01, A7105, and CYRF6936, on a single circuit board.
This module itself is an openTX native accessory, which can communicate with frsky series remote controllers with serial digital signals, and can also identify the PPM signal output by the remote control, and then convert it into the corresponding remote control protocol to realize the control of the receiver or aircraft.
The currently supported protocols include: Walkera DEVO, Horizon DSM2, Fusi, Yisky, Ruisky, Weili, Harberson, Chiyuan, Futaba-SFHSS Assan and other agreements.
This tuner can be more flexible and convenient to control multiple four-axis, helicopters and fixed wings of different brands. Due to the continued use of the remote control you are familiar with, the operating feel and flying experience are better.

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