Radiolink R8FG 8 Channle 2.4G Gyro RC Receiver Car Voltage Transmission 600 Meters Long Range RX for Crawler Drifting Car


Color: R8FG with gyro


R8FG 8 Channels Receiver Features:



  • Excellent Anti-interference: With pseudo random FHSS algorithm, which makes R8FG with excellent anti-interference ability, control distance up to 1900 feet (600 meters).

  • Real-time Telemetry: telemetry feature can provide real-time vital information like vehicle's battery voltage, RSSI signal and more, avoiding the battery over-discharge and damage.

  • Integrated Gyro: built-in gyro can keep the vehicle in a straight line, and Gyro sensitivity can be adjusted by transmitter, which fits for drifting and on-road cars.

  • Waterproof: IPX4 can be protect receiver from water splash. Also with anti-polarity protection, not damage the receiver even you insert wrong polarity. 3-12v DC support high voltage servo.


  • Push to Bind: No need bind plug and any setting, only press bind button for 1 second after power up controller and receiver. High resolution ratio of 4096, stable signal and fast response.

  • Anti-polarity Protection: With reverse polarity protection, not damage the receiver even you insert wrong polarity. 3-12v DC support high voltage servo.

  • Small Size with Compact Case: Only 35*24*13.5mm small size and 7g lightweight.


R8FG Specifications:

  • Channel: 8 channels

  • Operating Voltage:3-12V

  • Operating Current: 30mA

  • Control Distance: 600 meters

  • Signals: PWM/ SBUS&PWM/ PPM&PWM

  • Telemetry: Real-time built-in telemetry of model battery voltage(up 33.6V, 8S Lipo), RSSI, and receiver voltage

  • Gyro: Receiver with gyro integrated, customizable gyro sensitivity

  • Water Splash Proof: Yes, the waterproof grade is IPX4

  • Weight: 6g(0.21oz)

  • Size: 35*24*13.5mm

  • Compatible Transmitters: RC8X/RC6GS V3/RC4GS V3/RC6GS V2/RC4GS V2/RC6GS/T8FB/T8S



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