SoloGood QAV210 Carbon Fiber Frame SoloGood 20A Brushless ESC MT2204 2300KV Motor F3 6DF 5045 3 Blade Props XT60 PDB for RC Racing Violen


Color: Green
This link is not for retail, sample drone for display only, supports customization

QAV210 Carbon Fiber Frame with SoloGood 20A Brushless ESC MT2204 2300KV Motor 5045 3 Blade Props XT60 PDB for RC Racing Violen
 Item Name: 210mm Carbon Fiber Frame Kit
 Material: Carbon Fiber
 Product Size : 210 x 170mm
 Wheelbase: 210mm
 Net Weight: 99g  
 Carame lens diameter: 15MM 
QAV210 Frame 
Use 1.5MM and 3MM 3K carbon fiber, light and simply.
The bottom fuselage uses 3MM pure carbon fiber board, fuselage and arms in one make the space bigger and make it stronger.
Only 100g, and stable. 
With 5 inch flat blade, more efficient  than the other propeller.
In high strength test, flying fluently in cornering, is suitable for the competition
Sologood 20A ESC
1: Use authentic electronic components to ensure high quality and enhance the current endurance ability of the ESC.
2: Used the Latest BLHeli_S firmware ,much quicker throttle response.
3: Special designed for multirotors ,and compatible with fixed-wing aircrafts,quadcopters and helicopters.
4: Over-heat protection/throttle signal loss protection.
5:Throttle range can be configured and is fully compatible with all receivers,providing s mooth,linear and precise throttle response. 
Package Included:
  • 1* 210mm Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame Kit (with 4pcs green motor seats and 6pcs M3 standoff)
  • 4* MT2204 2300KV Motor(2CW+2CCW)
  • 4* SoloGood 20A ESC
  • 4pcs*5045 3 Blades Props (2 pairs green)
  • 1* XT60 PDB
  • 1*F3 6DF (for your own choice,if you don't choose the FC,it will not be included)



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