Newest Hawkeye 4K Split NakedCam Version 4.0 Camera DC 5-23V For FPV Racing Drone


Color: 4K NakecCam V4.0


Model:Hawkeye 4K NakedCam V4.0

Sensor:SONY 12MP

Field of View:FOV 170

Video Resolution:4K 50/30FPS,2.5K 4:3 48/30FPS,2.5K 16:9 50FPS, 1080P 50/30FPS

Video with gyro data:4K 30FPS,2.5K 4:3 48/30FPS,2.5K 16:9 50FPS, 1080P 50/30FPS

video format:.mp4/H.265

TV out:PAL/NTSC,latency 0.04 sec

USB port:Type C

SD Card:8-64G(U1 or above)

Power supply:DC 5-23V

Main board hole:43×45mm


Current:MAX 300mA@5V



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