MINI 3 PRO Battery Explosion-Proof Bag Fireproof Waterproof Lipo Battery Li-Po Safety Bag for DJI MINI 3 PRO Drone Accessories


Color: for 1PCS Battery




1. High temperature resistance, radiation protection, explosion-proof

2. The use of sealing magic stickers is convenient and quick to use

3. Storage battery, easy flight


Product Parameters

Product name: explosion-proof bag for mini3 PRO battery

Applicable models: mini3 pro

Main material: fireproof cloth + exterior PVC flame retardant cloth

Weight: 33g (Small) /52g (Medium) /76g (Large)

Size: 10*7.2*3.5cm (Small)

10*12.6*3.6cm (Medium)

10* 18*3.6cm (Large)


Packing list:

Battery Explosion-Proof Bag*1


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