MFD Crosswind Nimbus Pro V2 1900mm FPV UAV Model Remote Control Toy Frame Kit PNP Airplane Drone Diy Toys


Color: KIT
Wingspan: 1950MM
Wing Area: 57DM2
Body length 1287MM
The widest part of the fuselage: 230MM
Recommended flight speed: 15-20M/S
The highest point of the fuselage: 394MM (with tail)
Empty weight 1.2KG
Maximum take-off weight: 8KG
Battery compartment volume: length, width and height: 270*110*120MM
Maximum range: Theoretical 200km+
Task warehouse volume: length, width and height: 300*140*105MM
Maximum speed: 35 m/s
Stall point speed: 6 m/s (within 5 kg)
Center of gravity position: 1CM from the leading edge of the wire groove under the wing to the nose
Maximum flight time: 22000MAH 6S battery life for more than 160 minutes
Packing size/weight: 39*40*134cm, net weight about 5kg, throwing weight 28kg
PNP Electronics Include:
LDPOWER Blue Eagle series X2820 motor 595KV *2PCS
Hobbywing Feiteng V5 40A ESC * 2PCS
Yinyan ES3054 steering gear *3PCS
Yinyan ES08MD servo * 2PCS
Propeller 1170 *1 Pair



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