MATEKSYS Video Receiver 1.2 1.3GHZ VRX-1G3-V2 9CH FPV Video Receiver for RC Drone Goggles Monitor


MATEKSYS VRX-1G3 1.2Ghz 1.3Ghz 9CH FPV Video Receiver for RC Drone Goggles Monitor

Features & Specifications


  • Receiving frequency: 9CH  (1080MHz to 1360MHz)

  • RX Sensitivity: -95dBm

  • Band-pass filter 950MHz~1450MHz

  • Dual input options: 4~5V via pins  or 6-30V via pads

  • Button control and LED indicators

  • On board regulator output: 5V 2A @ input voltage 6~30V

  • Current Consumption: 0.3A @5V

  • Video format: NTSC or PAL

  • Video Output impedance: 75Ω, Typ.

  • Audio Subcarrier Frequency: 6.5 MHz & 6.0MHz

  • ANT. input impedance: 50Ω, Typ.

  • RF Connector: SMA

  • Weight: 14g ( w/o antanna)

  • Size: board 43*27mm

  • 2.54mm pins and PCB size are compatible with FS module



  • 1x 1.2/1.3G Video receiver VRX-1G3

  • 1x Dipole antenna_SMA, center freq 1240MHz



  • Press and hold the button 2 seconds to enter the frequency setting. Frequency LED blinks

  • Press the button to select the frequency

  • When the LED blinks at new frequency,  RF input is enabled on this frequency.

  • New frequency will be saved if no button action within 3 seconds

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