MATEK F405-MiniTE OSD Baro Blackbox F405 Flight Controller ArduPilot INAV BetaFlight 20X20mm 30X30mm for Airplane FPV Drone



The new features of F405-miniTE compared with F722-miniSE(EOL)

  • F405 has 1MB flash which can run with ArduPilot.  even with INAV firmware, some features will be removed on F722 due to limited flash.

  • The advantage of F722 is all UARTs have builtin inversion which is not needed when CRSF protocol is widely used on new receivers.

  • Redesigned target MATEKF405TE support 8x bi-directional DSHOT.

  • Support DJI air unit PnP, and a 10V BEC for DJI OSD or analog VTX

  • Compared with F722-miniSE 8motors or 6motor+2servos, F405-miniTE support 8motors+3servos in INAV/BF multirotor mixer

  • InvenSense GEN3 IMU ICM42605

FC Specifications

  • MCU: STM32F405RGT6

  • IMU: ICM42605

  • OSD: AT7456E

  • Baro: Goertek SPL06-001 (I2C)

  • Blackbox: 16M-byte Flash memory

  • 6x UARTs,  1x Softserial_Tx option

  • 12x PWM outputs (8x Dshot)

  • 1x I2C

  • 4x ADC (VBAT, Current, RSSI, Airspeed)

  • 2x PINIO

  • 1x SH1.0_8pin connector (Vbat/G/Curr/R3/S1/S2/S3/S4)

  • 1x SH1.0_6pin connector for DJI FPV Air Unit

  • 3x LEDs for FC STATUS (Blue, Green) and 3.3V indicator(Red)

  • Dual BEC, 5V 1.7A & 10V 1.4A

  • 10V output ON/OFF switchable

  • Convertible 20mm to 30.5mm mounting


  • Input: 6~30V (2~S LiPo)

  • BEC: 5V 1.7A,  Max.2A

  • BEC: 10V 1.4A  for VTX or DJI Air Unit

  • Battery Voltage Sensor: 1K:20K (INAV scale 2100, BF scale 210)

  • No Current Sensor built-in, supports external current sensor of PDB/4in1


  • ArduPilot: MatekF405-TE


  • BetaFlight: MATEKF405TE


  • Mounting
    • 20 x 20mm/Φ3mm with Silicon Grommets

    • 20 x 20mm/Φ2mm with Silicon & Brass Grommets

    • 30.5 x 30.5mm/Φ3mm with Conversion Plate and Silicon Grommets

  • Dimensions:  28 x 28 mm

  • Weight: 5g


  • 1x FC F405-miniTE

  • 1x 20mm to 30.5mm conversion plate(blue PCB)

  • 6x Silicon grommets M4 to M3

  • 6x Brass grommets M3 to M2

  • 1x SH1.0_8pin cable 5cm (including 2x 8pin connectors) for 4in1 ESC

  • 1x SH1.0_6pin to GH1.25_8pin cable 8cm for DJI Air Unit


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