MATEK BEC12S-PRO 9-55V TO 5V/8V/12V-5A Bec Module Overcurrent Protection & Self-recovery for RC Airplane FPV Freestyle Drones

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  • Wide 9V to 55V Operating Input Range with TVS protection

  • 3x Output voltage options,  5.2V, 8V or 12V.  Default 5.2V.

  • Synchronous switching step-down (buck) regulator with typical efficiencies of 88% to 96%

  • Supports continuous output current of up to 5A,  peak current of 9A.

  • Output ripple  30mV (VIN=50V,  Output 5.2V @ 5A),  60mV (VIN=50V,  Output 12V @ 5A)

  • Standby current: 5~10mA

  • No reverse-input voltage protection

  • Thermal Shutdown

  • Output Short-circuit tolerant (2 seconds)

  • Overcurrent protection & self-recovery

  • Dropout voltage: 2V  (Input>=14V is required for stable 12V output)

  • Pins distance: 3.81mm

  • Size & Weight: 35 x 24 x 5.5mm,  5g

  • Packing: 1pc/package

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