Mars Warrior Fixed-Wing FPV Long-Endurance Carrier V Tail Durable Convinient RC Racing for Adults UAV Drone


Color: KIT
Dear, pls don't hesitate to buy this product, the package size is too big, so some of the country cannot be shipped ,the packing size is 850mm*360mm*230mm

Mars Warrior Fixed-Wing FPV


Name Warrior

Material EPP

Wingspan 1 200MM

Length 81 6MM

KIT weight 520G

Takeoff weight 1 800G

Battery 4S2P 21 700-63P21700

Motor2814 KV1 000


Servo 12G*4

Propeller 1 280APC

1. Ergonomic grip position, easy to throw away, precise control of the rudder surface.

2. Both the main wing and the tail wing can be disassembled, no tools and glue are needed for installation, which is convenient to carry and fly outdoors.

3. Super drop resistant EPP material, built-in carbon fiber reinforcement.

4. Adapt to the mainstream sports camera GOPRO9.

5. The battery compartment is large in size and can accommodate large-capacity batteries, increasing the "flying time."

6. The camera position matches most FPV cameras on the market, with strong compatibility.

7. The design of the wing swept back is good-looking and light in weight.

8. The inner side of the fuselage is reinforced with carbon fiber to increase the torsion resistance.

9. The aileron and tail rudder surface are reinforced with carbon fiber to increase the control accuracy.

10. Dedicated camera cabin, flight control cabin and GPS cabin to facilitate the installation of various equipment,

Reduce interference.

11. Powerful ventilation and heat dissipation system to prevent damage to the equipment due to overheating.

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