LDARC X-BOSS FM900 Mini Reveiver Compatible Futaba FASST 2.4G Wireless System Real Time RSSI Data For Racing Drone


Support FASST 2.4G air system, three mode MULT , MLT2 , 7CH and two area GENERAL(G) , FRANCE(F).
Radio support T8FG , T14SG , T16SZ , T18SZ , T18MZ , T32MZ etc.
S.BUS output (3.3V high level signal, good compatible with most F1, F3, F4, F7 flight).
Total 17 channels output maximum, 15 linear channels and 2 digital gear channels.
The channel 16 of S.BUS is real time RSSI of FM900, BETAFLIGHT OSD can display this RSSI value in screen.
The channel 17 and 18 of S.BUS are digital gear channels that named DG1 , DG2 in the radio.
Rated voltage 4.0V~6.0V, size 11.5mm x 21mm, weight only 1.2g, perfect fit small size FPV drone.
Use the newest high reliability FASST demodulator which independently-developed by X-BOSS™ in 2019.
Include high-performance discrete LNA chip.
No signal
Receive signal (brightness meaning signal strength)
< BIND >
Turn on the TX, then power on FM900 while pressing the key, LED fast blink meaning bind mode. Bind procedure completed
and the receiver working normally when LED solid.
Please set failsafe in your radio, depend on the radio there should have at least 2 failsafe settings as follow:
HOLD S.BUS sent the value when received last time we suggest switch channel use this setting.
F/S Use this setting can custom S.BUS sent value when receiver lost signal.
In most cases, user can set AIL, ELE, YAW middle ( F/S = 1500), THR low ( F/S < 950), other switch channels use HOLD. In
most cases please make sure [ARM] / [DISARM] channel failsafe setting is HOLD in [ARM] value. Because if failsafe setting
use [DISARM] value when briefly lost signal, the drone will switch in [DISARM] mode, once the signal from radio received the
drone maybe can't switch to [ARM] mode because THR high (>1000), this will result crash when briefly lost signal. So [ARM] /
[DISARM] channel failsafe setting should HOLD in [ARM] or F/S in [ARM] value, if signal lost a long time because THR low (<
950), drone will just crash, not fly away.
Before first flight, we suggest remove propeller then [ARM] the drone, push THR middle make motor rotating, power
off the radio to simulate lost signal, motor should STOP or IDLE rotating, correct failsafe setting is when power on the
radio drone should can control immediately not need do [ARM] / [DISARM] .
<a>. 7CH mode only CH3 support F/S, CH1/2/4 will output 1500 when lost signal, CH5/6/7 will HOLD when lost signal.
<b>. The CH17 and CH18 of S.BUS is digital gear channel (named DG1 , DG2 in the radio), this two channels not support failsafe.


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