KST BLS825 0.11sec 35kg HV Brushless Digital Standard Servo Motor for Helicopter Airplane RC Car Robot Arm


Color: 1PCS BLS825

KST Servos are renowned for Quality at realistic prices. From Hobby helicopters and gliders to Industrial and UAV applications KST servos have earnt a reputation for performance even under the most demanding conditions. Whether you need to win your next competition event, power a mission critical UAV or operate industrial grade machinery or robotics KST has a solution for you. Talk to our sales team today, OEM and ODM services are also available for custom installations.

Operating Voltage: DC6.0V-8.4V
Torque: 35Kg.cm@8.4V; 30Kg.cm@7.4V 25Kg.cm@6.0V 
Speed: 0.11sec/60°@8.4V; 0.13sec/60°@7.4V 0.15sec/60°@6.0V   
Weight: 70g
Working Frequence: 1520us/333Hz
Motor: Brushless
Ball Bearing: 2BB

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