Kingkong RC Leopard 2 A6 Tank Metal Chassis Auto Parts Toy Model Accessories Upgrade Parts D-K003B


Color: D-K003B

Overall package (excluding gearboxes, screws, bearings and other accessories)
Include: Tank Chassis*1 Tank Rocker Arm*set Tank Road Wheel Tires*(28pcs/set) Tank Road Wheel*set Tank Guide Wheel*set Tank Towing Wheel*set
Tank torsion bar support*set Tank spring torsion bar*set Tank power wheel support*set
Spring torsion bar cap* set 12*8*3.5 bearing* (for torsion bar support connection, 42pcs/set)
The package does not include 14 6*3*2/8*4*3mm bearings required for the gearbox, screws and tank road wheels in the picture. If you need to match the above two bearings, you need to click the text link below to buy, please contact customer service for details .
For a long time, there is no strong and firm chassis as a support, and the existing reinforcement accessories on the market cannot be reinforced for the rocker arm bearing seat. Tian Leopard fans can only watch Henglong's leopard explode and change, and Tian Leopard has become a flamboyant. Could it be that Tian Leopard can only walk around? Put on a show? Start with the KKRC1/16 all-metal leopard disc, and go off-road and fly slopes, no longer a gimmick.
The store promises that within 2 years, normal installation and use, unconditional replacement for explosion damage.
The original Tamiya chassis is re-engraved, and the holes are reserved for the upgrade of the rollers!
Hard aluminum alloy die-casting rough, CNC secondary processing.
Surface treatment: primary color


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