Kingkong RC 1/10 All Terrain Transport RC Vehicle Truck w/ Metal Chassis KIT Set


Color: D-E077 Terrain Car

This item is a KIT version, so you have to according to the product instruction to assemble the cab and the chassis .
It is an amphibious truck, and it can play on the water. But it needs to you make some waterproof work.
And the material of the truck cab is ABS hard plastic , so it is easy to be painted and electroplated, and the hardness is very strong. 
Most of the material of the truck chassis is Metal.  So the quality is super strong. And it includes the realistic ladder frame chassis, front axle, rear axle, transmission, wheel, tire, and so on parts.
We think you according to your idea to build a truck you want. 
Tips: this truck does not include the servo, ESC, remote control, battery, and battery charge, you have to prepare them for yourself. 
The following equipment is recommended:
1.  Haoying 1060 & 1080 ESC.
2. The battery is about 2S 3S and the battery capacity is up to you.
  • Material: ABS hard plastic, Aluminum Alloy, Nylon+Fiberglass, 45 Steel.

  • Includes 3 x 540 Motors (45T).

  • Our exclusive product.

  • Easy to be painted and electroplated.

  • Color: Primary Color.

  • Realistic Metal Ladder Frame Chassis.

  • Realistic Metal Front Axle.

  • Realistic Metal Rear Axle.

  • Realistic Wheel.

  • Realistic Tire.

  • Metal Transmission.

  • Final Transmission Ration:1:52

  • Total Length: 15.49in / 393.49mm.

  • Body Width: 11.67in / 296.47mm.

  • Total Height: 10.69in / 271.59mm.

  • Total Weight: About 12.10lb / 5.49kg


Kingkong RC 1/10 All Terrain Transport RC Vehicle Truck w/ Metal Chassis KIT Set X 1


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