KingKong Metal Coupler Turntable (Black/Silver) Set for Tamiya 1/14 R/C Tractors Truck / Trailer


Color: D-T037BA
Ships From: China

Metal Coupler Turntable (Silver) Set for Tamiya 1/14 R/C Tractor Truck / Trailer




The product inspiration comes from the real truck, it suits for 1/14 Tamiya tractors series and personal DIY RC truck. You need to install the hole by yourself.


We also have other great upgrade accessories for Tamiya 1/14 R/C Tractor Truck/ Trailer, welcome to visit our store to check out the other great items!



Fit for: 1/14 Tamiya Tractors series

Material: Aluminum Alloy.

Color: Black

Turntable Height: 2.24in / 57mm

Turntable Width: 2.44in / 62mm

Turntable Weight: 1.04oz / 29.5g

Hook Height: 1.38in / 35mm

Hook Width: 1.22in / 31mm

Hook Weight: 0.115oz / 3.3g




The quantity of the Mill: 1 piece/set.


Surface Treatment:

CNC Machined

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