JX CLS6336HV Aluminium Shell Metal Gear High Voltage Coreless Digital Servo for 1/8 RC Car D3P0 Helicopter


Color: 1pcs CLS6336HV

--CNC metal On the cover In the shell
--High-precision Taiwan-made aluminium gears with hard anodizing
--High Voltage Coreless Digital Servo

Dead band: 1μs
Working frequence: 1520μs / 330hz
Motor: Coreless
Operating Speed6.6v 0.14 sec/60°
Operating Speed7.4v 0.11 sec/60°
Stall Torque 6.6v 27.8 kg.cm
Stall Torque 7.4v 35.6 kg.cm
Dimensions: 40.5X20.2X40mm
Weight: 63 g
Wire/Color: JR 265 mm/ -Brown +Red S Orange
Bearing: 2BB
Tooth Count: 25



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