JHEMCU ELRS PWM Mini Long Distance High Refresh Rate Receiver 2.4GHz ELRS-2G4-P 5 x PWM outputs IPEX1 Antenna Ues for Fixed Wing





Item: JHEMCU ELRS PWM Mini Long Distance High Refresh Rate Receiver
ESP8285, SX1280/1281
Antenna interface: IPEX MHF 1
5ch PWM output
RF frequency: 2.4GHz (2400 ~ 2480MHz)
PWM frequency: 50Hz
Telemetry power: 12dbm
Receiver protocol: PWM or CRSF
Input voltage: 4 ~ 10V DC @ "5" Character pad positive
Power consumption: 45MA (binding state), 85MA (wifi mode).
PCB Size: 25mm x 13mm
Weight: 2g, with antenna

• ExpressLRS MATEK_2400_RX_PWM or DIY_2400_RX_PWMP, when the receiver comes out as PWM protocol. Through 1 ~ 5 PWM outputs, 4 full resolution channels (CH1-4), 1 switch channel (such as CH5 AUX1)
• ExpressLRS JHEMCU EP24S 2400 RX, when used as a CRSF protocol receiver. CRSF protocol through TX (CH2) and RX (CH3).
• Firmware upgrade via UART or WIFI
• Make sure the Receiver and Transmitter modules are running ExpressLRS firmware 2.0 and higher, and the remote is using the new v2 script.

Frequency matching
• The receiver has been shipped with ExpressLRS v2.0 firmware at the factory, and there is no Pairing Password.
1. Please turn on and turn off the receiver three times (after flashing the firmware, the first time you turn on the power will automatically enter the binding mode)
2. Make sure the LED blinks twice quickly, indicating the receiver is in binding mode.
3. Use the [BIND] button on the Lua script remote, which outputs a bind pulse. (need to run script v2.).
4. Once the link pulse is received, the receiver will change to Slow Flash.
5. Power off and on the receiver. If the Receiver LED changes from Slow Blinking to Solid On, it is connected to the Transmitter.

Use the ELRS software to activate the firmware:
• MATEK_2400_RX_PWM or DIY_2400_RX_PWMP
• If you use it as a normal serial receiver, it flashes with the DIY_2400_RX_ESP8285_SX1280 target.

Flash firmware using ESP_NodeMCU-PyFlasher

1. Connect the receiver to the USB-TTL module (RX-TX, TX-RX, 5V-5V, G-GND)
2. Long press the boot button to connect the USB to PC.
3. Open ESP_Node EMCU-piflasher
4. Select the serial port of the USB-TTL module, load the firmware bin, select "Dual output (DOUT)" and "yes. Clear all data
5. Click "Flash Node MCU"

6. After flashing, power off and power on the receiver, the receiver will enter bond mode (fast double flash). 

  • Package Included: 

  • 1 x ELRS-2G4-P
    1 x MHF1 IPEX antenna
    1 x X5P 2.54-pin header

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