HGLRC Petrel 120X 3inch Analog/HD 2mm/3mm FPV Four Axis Crossing Frame


Color: 2mm Frame

Features: rack support (16x16-20x20-25.5x25.5) mounting holes

The rack supports AIO flight control motor line direct insertion, and the rack also supports battery strap / rubber band to fix the battery in two ways

An integral protection bar is added at the arm position of the frame (to make the bottom plate more resistant to explosion)

Brand name: HGLRC

Model: petrel 120x 3-inch toothpick Rack Kit

Material: 3K carbon fiber

Type: 3-inch rack

Wheelbase: 120mm

Size: 108 * 108mm

Bottom plate thickness: 2 / 3mm

Mounting hole: 16x16mm / 20x20mm / 25.5x25.5mm

Support camera: 14mm

Weight: 14.5g (3mm) 11.7g (2mm)

Package includes:

1 x 3mm base plate

1 x petrel x hood

4X cup head screw M2 * 10

2X round head screw M2 * 4

3x cross self tapping round head screw M1.5

3x M2 self tightening nut

4X M2 * 6 shock absorption column

4X M2 * 6.6 damping ball

2X black rubber band

2X battery belt

1 x battery skid pad

Recommended parts: (not included)

Flight control: F4 / F7 / AIO

Motor: 11xx / 12xx / 13xx

Electric regulation: 5a-20a / AIO

Camera size: 14x14mm

Propeller: 3 inches


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