HEE Wing F22/SU27 Brushed Version Fixed Fly Wing Airplane PNP MPP Foam DIY Assembling Elecrtic RC Plane Toys


Color: SU27 PNP

Product name:  SU27 fixed-wing aircraft
Aircraft size: length 600mm high 140mm wingspan 400mm
Motor: Brushless 1306/3700 kv
ESC: 12A
Battery: 7.4 v Lipo
Servo: 5gx 2
Flight control: FTC 2.1 version
Propeller: 4045
PNP weight: about 90 g
Starting~flying weight: about 130 g
Packing size: 430mm x 320mm x 50mm

This product is made of 5MM thick MPP magic board and UV printing laser cutting process. Its pictures are dazzling in color and weight
Lightweight, high strength, and drop resistant. The factory is made of PNP kits, which can develop the hands-on ability of consumers. The kit is equipped with a brushless motor ESC,
Powerful performance. It is also equipped with automatic stabilization flight control, which can achieve excellent flight performance with key take-off and smooth and maneuvering.



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