Hee Wing 690mm Wingspan Delta Flying AR Wing RC Airplane KIT PNP EPP Foam Flying Model Aircraft Support DJI Digital Air Unit


Color: KIT

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1 Tailored for DJI Digital Air Unit, equipped with dedicated base for digital and analog versions for high strength and light weight.

2 Tailored lens ring for better protection

3 Independent detachable lens plug for both FPV and visual observation flights

4 Small wingspan & big space, worry-free placement of electronics

5 Cabinadopts dual-rail design, so you can adjust center of gravity at ease

6 Support horizontal and vertical way of battery placement, enabling more possibilities for your flight

7 Four magnets are applied to the hatch for better fastening

8 The unobstructed convection design of the cabin ensures that the electronic equipment inside the cabin is always cool and worry-free.

9 Adopting an asymmetric double convex airfoil design, which is good for both long endurance flight and high-speed maneuvering flight.

10 The new wingtip design supports vertical take-off mode.

11 The wing adopts three embedded carbon fiber rods with different angles and a high-strength frame design, which can easily cope with heavy loads and ultra-high-speed flight.

12 All new propeller locking method, extremely light, strong and reliable.


Product Name: HEE WING F-01 Delta Wing Airplane

Material: EPP/ABS/Carbon Fiber

Airplane Dimension:

Wingspan 690mm, Height:88mm, Length:415mm

Kit Weight: 150g (epp-30) / 190g (epp-20)

Take off Weight:350 g~850 g

Carbon Fiber Dimension:4.7mm x 3.2mm x 400mm(Outer Dia. x Inner Dia. x Length,Wing tandem rod)

7mm x 5mm x 170mm(OD x ID x Length,Wing Built-in reinforcement rods)

5mm x 1mm x 220mm(Width x Thickness x Length,Wing stiffener)

Fuselage space:

battery compartment:175mmx75mmx 55mm(Max Dimension)

ESC compartment:70mmx38mmx20mm(Max Dimension)

Camera:20mmx21mmx30mm(Max Dimension)

Camera guard: Outer Dia. 17.5mm,Inner Dia. 14mm/15mm,Height 12mm,Material:ABS

Min Flight Speed:<27KM/H

Max Flight Speed:〉220+km/h .


Note: when speed is≥100 km/h, you should install lens cover to prevent excessive inflow air from blowing away the hatch.


Max Endurance:>70 minutes

Max Mileage:>45km

Motor:FX-2205/2350 kv




Servo: digital DS031MG.

Thrust:≥920 g(6*4 Prop)


KIT Package Includes:


Hee Wing Flying wing with all hardware.


KIT Package Size: 420mm*220mm*140mm


KIT Package Weight: 930g


Note: Motor,esc, servos, propeller, battery, charger, transmitter and receiver are not included.


PNP Package Includes:


Hee Wing Flying wing with power combo (uninstalled motor, esc, servos, propeller, and hardware.)


PNP Package Size: 420mm*220mm*140mm


PNP Package Weight: 950g


Note: Battery, charger, transmitter and receiver are not included.


Manuel for features and assembly


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