Happymodel Mobula6 ELRS 1s 65mm 2.4GHz/915MHz/868MHz ExpressLRS Receiver SE0702 KV26000 Motor Brushless Whoop RC Drone BNF


Color: Green 2.4GHz

Happymodel Mobula6 ELRS 1s 65mm Brushless FPV Brushless whoop drone

ExpressLRS is currently the most popular remote control link system. It has the characteristics of low latency and high packet rate, and its link quality is very reliable. Now we are about to release Mobula6 equipped with ExpressLRS RC link system, the new Mobula6 elrs would coming out with a new 0702 brushless motor, that would be the lightest brushless motors all over the world. We're sure this would be a good option for you in the Tiny Whoop Season.


AIO Flight controller with ELRS Receiver and 5.8G VTX
Super light 1S 65mm Brushless whoop only 18.7g
Equipment with the lightest brushless motors-SE0702 only 1.46gram
Runcam Nano3 The lightest 1/3 CMOS 800TVL Camera
Smooth and powerful
Compatible for 1S Lipo/LIHV


Brand Name: Happymodel
Item Name: Mobula6 ELRS 1S 65mm Brushless whoop drone BNF version
Wheelbase: 65mm
Size: 80mm*80mm*37mm
Weight: 18.7g

Receiver option:

2.4GHz ExpressLRS SPI receiver
915MHz ExpressLRS Serial-based receiver
868MHz ExpressLRS Serial-based receiver

Package Inculded

1x Mobula6 1S 65mm whoop Drone Frame
1x Expresslrs 2.4GHz/915MHz/868MHz receiver(Optional)
4x SE0702 KV26000 brushless motor
1x HQPROP 31mm bi-blade propellers(4cw+4ccw)
1x Runcam Nano3 1/3 CMOS 800TVL camera
1x Onboard 5.8G 25mw~200mw VTX
4x 1S 300mah 30C LiHV Battery
1x 1S Lipo/LIHV USB Charger
1x Propeller disassemble tool

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