GEPRC TinyGO LED FPV Whoop RTF Drone Carbon Fiber Frame For RC FPV Quadcopter Freestyle Ducted Drone Very Suitable For Beginners


Color: Mode1Right Throttle






GEPRC TinyGo LED version is a full-color RGB series.Specially designed and modified to celebrate the coming festival.Especial for pilots which love DIY build FPV.Compare with the TinyGo Racing Version,TinyGo LED version replaces EVO anti-collision sponge with LED straps.Total weight without batteries is under 55grams.It lasts for 4-5 minutes in LED mode and 5-6 minutes in normal mode.There are 52 high brightness small LED lamps in the whole Quadcopter.The LED style can be programmed through Betaflight.You can customize the colors and styles as you wish .When flying at can enjoy the pleasure of colorful flight.It should be noted that the LED lamp won’t waterproof.Please avoid flying in wet environment.The TinyGo LED version can be bring Perfect Experience

GEPRC Happy to announce a new member of our family“TinyGO LED” Ready To Fly Kit which is suitable for any novice from scratch and Indoor flight.Through a great number of tests.Better technical indexes and Good

TinyGO LED is RTF Kit for Indoor Flight. The Kit contains a high-definition 800x480px FPV Goggle and the latest GEPRC GR8 Remote Controller.It supports 8 channels and is specially designed for indoor and novices.The remote control has a good feeling of control and It is lightweight and easy to carry.The good point is that you don’t need to carry heavy equipment.With our customized GEPRC Fly’s very convenient to go to the field,travel,and Indoor flight.

TinyGO LED can use its own charger to charge.The charger uses the Type-C interface.You can use the movable power bank to charge as well.Using conveniently and quickly.

TinyGO LED can be flight more than 4 minutes (Depending on flight habits).Its stable electronic equipment and extremely strong and tough frame material make the FPV very stable and durable for crash.There is an EVA protection foam around the frame.More elastic and hard to damaged and deformed.

TinyGO LED is carefully assembled and assembles by GEPRC team, with excellent performance.You can start a whole new journey and enter into FPV World.TinyGO will be the best choice for your first FPV Drone.

This looked like the beginning of a terrific flight Experience Literally


  • TinyGO LED is very suitable for indoor flight.More than 4 minutes of flight time

  • Using GEPRC-12A-F4 FC system.reliable and stable

  • No Propellers in view. Anti-jamming VTX. NO Jello flight Footage.Stable flight picture quality

  • The Newly Developed GR8 Remote Controller is specially designed for Novice and indoor flight

  • High-Quality FPV Goggle.High definition 800 * 480px.sensitive 5.8G receiver

  • Ready To Fly Kit.Including a GEPRC Fashion Fly bag.Portable and Light weight


  • Name:TinyGO LED

  • Brand:GEPRC

  • Frame:GEP-TG16

  • Motor to Motor:79mm

  • FC:GEP-12A-F4

  • MCU:STM32F411

  • IMU:MPU6000(SPI)

  • OSD:BetaFlight OSD w/ AT7456E chip

  • ESC:BLheli_S 12A

  • VTX:5.8G 25~200mW VTX

  • Camera:Runcam Nano2

  • Propeller:GEMFAN 1636*4 (4 pairs)

  • Motors:GR1102 10000Kv

  • TinyGO LED Weight(Without Batteries) :55 Grams

Remote Controller

  • GEPRC GR8 Remote Controller

  • Radio Frequency:2.4GHz

  • Radio Protocol:FHSS

  • Channel:8

  • Transmit Power:< 20 dBm

  • Antenna:In-built dual Antenna

  • Low Voltage alarm:<4.8v

  • Batteries:4 x AA Batteries


  • Channel:8

  • Voltage:5V

  • Radio Frequency:2.4GHz

  • Radio Protocol:FHSS

FPV Goggle

  • Resolution:800*480px

  • Size of Screen:4.3 inch

  • Whole Size:155mmx144mmx113mm

  • In-built batteries:3.7v/2000mAh

  • Working Hours:2.5 Hours

  • Weight:314.6 Grams

FPV Batteries

  • Batteries Capacity:530mAh

  • Voltage:4.35v 1S1P

  • Discharge rate:90C

  • Size:(61mmx16.7mmx7mm)

  • Weight:12.7 Grams

  • Interface:PH2.0


  • Input power:5v(USB & Type C)

  • Full charged Voltage:4.35v

  • Output current:500mAh

  • Charging:It can charge 4 PCS 1s HV lipo 4.35v HP2.0 plug batteries at the same time


  • 1x TinyGO LED Quadcopter

  • 1x GEPRC GR8 Transmitter

  • 1x GEPRC FPV RG1 Goggle

  • 1x GEPRC 1S LiHV 4.35v Charger

  • 4x GEPRC LiHV 4.35v 90C Batteries

  • 1x Battery strap

  • 4x Gemfan 1636*4 Props(pairs)

  • 1x GEPRC Fly bag

  • 1x Screwdriver





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