GEPRC GEP-ST35 Frame Suitable For Smart 35 Series Drone Carbon Fiber Frame For RC FPV Quadcopter Replacement Accessories


Color: GEP-ST35 Frame


Hello every body there is a special new member of GEPRC FreeStyle frame series,and it is released now, GEP-ST35, a 3.5inch FreeStyle frame with light weight.

GEP-ST35 has designed multiple mounting holes, which can install different FC and VTX, It is also can install 8mm-13mm hole size motor, GoPro Hero 8 naked camera and Insta 360 Go2 camera can be installed with GoPro camera mount, 4mm Arm can also be equipped with 2mm reinforced arm, ultra-high strength fuselage.

GEP-ST35 is elaborately designed by geprc team, with small size, lightweight and excellent flight performance.



  • Brand name: GEPRC

  • Model: GEP-ST35

  • Wheelbase: 155mm

  • Top Plate: 2.0mm

  • Bottom Plate: 4.0mm

  •  Arm Plate: 4.0mm

  • Reinforced arm: 2.5mm

  • FC mounting holes: 26.5mmx26.5mm/20mmx20mm

  • VTX mounting holes: 20mmx20mm

  • Motor mounting holes: 9mmx9mm/12mmx12mm

  • Size: 142mmx118mmx36mm

  • Weight: 47.9g (With 3D prints and reinforced Arm)



  1. Small size, light weight, and good flight experience.

  2. 4mm Arm can also be equipped with 2mm reinforced arm, ultra-high strength fuselage, the Strength rised to a higher level.

  3. There are a number of installation holes for FC and VTX.

  4. The motor with 8mm-13mm hole spacing can be installed.

  5. The mount of GoPro camera is designed to install GoPro Hero 8 naked camera and Insta 360 Go2 camera.

  • 1 x Top Plate

  • 1 x Bottom Plate

  • 2 x Camera mounting Plate

  • 2 x Front reinforced Plate

  • 2 x Ear reinforced Plate

  • 6 x M2 * 4.0×25 aluminum columns

  • 2 x M2 * 4mm cup head screws

  • 20 x M2 * 6.5mm round head screws

  • 8 x M2 * 7mm round head screws

  • 18 x M2 * 9mm round head screws

  • 4 x M2 * 12mm cup head screws

  • 1 x M2 * 16mm cup head screws

  • 4 x M2 * 18mm cup head screws

  • 4 x M2 * 25mm cup head screws

  • 4 x M2 * 4mm damping rings

  • 8 x M2 * 6.5mm damping rings

  • 2 x M2 Nylon shims

  • 1 x M2 Rivet nuts

  • 4 x M2 Nylon Nuts

  • 4 x M2 Lock Nuts


3D Prints:

  • 1 x VTX antenna mount

  • 1 x TBS NanoRX antenna mount

  • 1 x Naked camera mount

  • 1 x Battery pad

  • 1 x EVA landing pad

  • 1 x Battery strap (M15 * 200mm)

  • 1 x Screwdriver (1.5mm)

  • 1 x Antenna fixing tubes

  • 4 x Motor wire protection tubes (35mm)



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