GEPRC GEP-LC7HD 7 Inch Crocodile Long Range 315mm Wheelbase Carbon Fiber Frame Kit for Quadcopter FPV Racer Drone RC Accessories


Color: GEP-LC7HD


GEP-LC7HD frame is designed by professional GEPRC team. The frame is made of 3K carbon plate and it belong to Crocodile7 HD long-range FPV. It has high toughness and high strength. The design is ingenious and novel. The frame weighs just only 174g. It has excellent flight experience and "wow" control feeling brought by ultra long-distance flight in various complex environments. Attaching with GEPRC GR2306.5 1350kv motor and perfect flight Tune, Each parameter has achieved a wonderful balance. At the same time, GEP-LC7HD frame is equipped with Motor&Lens protection TPU print parts and GPS module 3D printing Mount. Pilots can easily install GPS module by themselves. We are recommended to use GEPRC VTC6 Lion 18650 High-efficiency and High-energy battery to bring More than 20 minutes of flight time experience. Absolutely Fantastic



  • Brand: GEPRC

  • Item:GEP-LC7HD Frame

  • Motor to Motor: 315mm

  • Camera Size:19mm-20mm

  • Propeller Size: 7inch

  • The Hole size of Motors: 16x19mm (suit for GR2306,2306.5,etc)

  • The Hole size of Flight Controller: 36x36mm

  • Thickness of Arm: 5mm

  • Thickness of Bottom plate: 2.5mm

  • Thickness of Splint plate: 2.5mm

  • Weight: 174g


  1. Full 3K carbon plates, The solid and durable structure

  2. Specially designed for Micro Long Range Flight, The frame tilts forward, The wide battery's position

  3. The Mount of camera using 3D printing structure, It can absorbing most of vibration and Reducing Jelly

  4. The Edge of the motor base is Specially Designed to protect the motor in case of crash

  5. The GPS installation position is reserved inside frame,The rational layout bring perfect dimension deduct space aesthetics

Recommend matching accessories(Not included):

  • Flight Controller:SPAN F722 HD

  • Motor: GR2306.5/GR2306 motor

  • ESC: GEPRC G50A BLheli_32 50A

  • Propeller: 7inch DALPROP 7056

  • Batteries: GEPRC VTC6 6S2P 6000mAh

GEP-LC7HD Frame include:

  • 1 x 2.5mmBottom plate

  • 1 x 2.5mmTop plate

  • 2 x 2.5mmFront and Back Splints

  • 4 x 5mmFront and Back Arms

Fixing part:

  • 6 x(M3*27)Aluminum posts

  • 4 x(M3*10)YFS countersunk head screws

  • 6 x(M3*14)YFS countersunk head screws

  • 4 x(M3*8)YFS Round head screws

  • 2 x(M3*10)YFS Round head screws

  • 4 x(M3*12) YFS Round head screws

  • 8 x(M3*14)YFS Round head screws

  • 10 x(M3*14)Metallic Gaskets

  • 16 x(M3*2) plastic nuts

  • 8 x(M2) Push block nuts

  • 8 x(M2*2)plastic nuts

  • 4 x(M2*18)plastic screws

  • 1 x camera Red Mount

  • 1 x Antenna Red Mount

  • 1 x TBS NANO Antenna Red Mount

  • 4 x TPU 3D Protective Part of Motor

  • 2 x Batteries strap



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