GEPRC GEP-CL25 Frame For Cinelog 25 Drone Carbon Fiber Frame Accessories RC FPV Freestyle Quadcopter Drone


Color: GEP-CL25 Frame


GEP-CL25 Frame is designed by GEPRC team. It can be used for Vista HD digital image transmission system or Analog image transmission system.The center of gravity of the quadcopter is in the middle,Redesigned the shock absorption structure of the camera mount and GoPro Lite, Eliminated the jelly of the camera and FPV camera, and we can use 3, 4 and 5 damping rings according to the flight state to obtain the best stability in vibration and noise.



  • Brand: GEPRC

  • Item: GEP-CL25 Frame

  • Motor to Motor: 109mm

  • Internal diameter of Guard: 2.5inch

  • Camera size: 19~20mm

  • Propeller: 2.5inch

  • The hole size of Motor:9mm ( Compatible with 1105/1204/1206Motor)

  • The hole size of FC: 26.5*26.5mm

  • Thickness of Top Plate: 2.5mm

  • Thickness of Bottom Plate: 1.5mm

  • Thickness of Bottom Plate(camera): 2mm

  • Weight: 47.8 Grams



  • 1 x Top plate 2.5mm

  • 1 x Bottom plate 1.5mm

  • 1 x Bottom Plate(Camera)1.5mm

  • 4 x(M2*3.5*25mm)Aluminum posts

  • 2 x(M2*3.5*8mm)Aluminum posts

  • 28 x(M2*6mm)YFS Round head screws

  • 2 x(M2*8mm)YFS Round head screws

  • 4 x(M2*12mm)YFS countersunk head screws

  • 16 x(M2*2mm)Nylon Nuts

  • 4 x(M2*18mm)YFS countersunk head screws

  • 5 x Damping Rings

  • 1 x(19*19mm)Mount of camera

  • 1 x(14*14mm)Mount of camera

  • 1 x 3D print part of XM antenna

  • 1 x 3D print part of TBS antenna

  • 1 x Naked Camera Mount

  • 2 x Batteries pads

  • 2 x EVA Landing pads

  • 4 x 2.5inch Guards

  • 1 x EVA Damping Ring of Guard

  • 2 x Antenna Tubes

  • 2 x Batteries straps (M15*150mm)


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