GENS ACE RS-LCG 6750mah 100C 14.8V 4S1P DeliveryJR MINIFIT 5P Pair Insertion JST XHR-5PIN Reverse


  • Gens ace 6750mAh 14.8V High Voltage 100C 4S1P Series LCG Battery with HardCase Lipo pack with 5.0 mm Banana to T+XHR

  • The Gens ACE RS 6750mAh 4S High Voltage Low Center Gravity stick pack is special made for 1:10 on road modified class. EFRA & BRCA legal


- Capacity: 6750mAh
- Voltage: 14.8V / 4S1P /  
- Discharge Rate: 120C
- Weight(±10): 586g
- Size(±5): 138mm x 47mm x 48mm (L x W x H)

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