Gens ACE 1100mAh 2S 1C 7.4V Remote Control Lipo Battery With JST For FS-ST8 Remote Control G7P/GT5 Gun Control Lithium Battery


Color: 1100mAh 2S 1C 7.4V
Gens ACE Newly launched a Power Control, 1100mah 2S 1C Control Power, Plus Hardware Board, Protection Board - Overcharge, Over Discharge, Over Current Protection
It Has been Released Jointly With Fuss
Adapted to: Products: FS-ST8 (Fushi new ANT protocol 8-10 Channel Two-way Board Control Remote Controller), FS-G7P (Fushi new ANT protocol 7 Channel Two-way Gun Type Remote Controller) FS-GT5 (Fushi new ANT Protocol Two-way Gun Remote Controller) Classic AFHDS 2A Protocol 6-channel Two-Way Gun Remote Control


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