Foxeer Caesar Pro 5" 200mm Toray T700 Carbon with Silky Coating Carbon Fiber Frame Kits 5mm Arm for FPV Freestyle HDZERO Drones


Color: FlouGreen


Toray T700 carbon with silky coating



Mouting hole

20x20mm M3

Camera size

19*19mm micro size


Weight 70g (excluded TPU Kit)

Packing List

5mm Arm 16*16mm mounting  - 4

2mm Top Plate - 1

2.5mm Center Plate - 1

2.5mm Bottom Plate - 1

Aluminum Column 28mm - 4

Cam Mount - 1

Antenna Mount for Micro Lollipop Antenna - 1

Turtle fin - 1

Insulation Spacer - 1

M3*8 Screw - 4

M3*12 Screw - 4

M3*26 titanium Screw - 4

M3 Nut- 8

M3*20 Screw - 4

Battery Anti-slip Mat - 1

250*20mm Battery Strap - 1

220*20mm Battery Strap - 1

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