FIMI MINI 3 Drone 4K Super Night Video 9km 3-axis Gimbal 249g Ultralight Design Smart Tracking





Package include:

aircraft with camera*1

remote controller *1


gimbal cover*1



charging usb-cable*1







Sony 1/2-inch 48MP Sensor

Upgraded with a Sony 48MP 1/2-inch stacked CMOS image sensor, this device achieves remarkable performance enhancements. Its wider dynamic range and superior sensitivity delicately capture diverse light and shadow levels, ensuring detailed recording in any lighting condition.


AI Super Night Video

Featuring latest Generation AI ISP chip, achieving 400% higher signal-to-noise ratio than FIMI X8 MINI V2, delivering stunning night scenes even in low light.



9km Video Transmission Dual-Band SoLink System

Equipped with the latest SoLink HD digital transmission technology, provides high-definition real-time video streaming, covering a range of 9 kilometers. It supports dual-band switching between 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz. Advanced encoding and decoding optimization techniques significantly reduce transmission latency to just 120 milliseconds, ensuring stable and smooth video transmission, delivering an immersive flying experience for users.



8K Time-lapse Photography

Utilizing groundbreaking 8K resolution time-lapse photography technology, it captures and presents every frame of flowing time with exquisite clarity at up to 8000 x 6000 pixels, effortlessly crafting breathtaking time-lapse masterpieces.



4K/60fps Video

Experience high-frame-rate video recording in 4K/60fps, capturing every dynamic moment with lossless precision. Enjoy smoother motion scenes, higher resolution, and frame rates, providing ample room for advanced post-processing and lossless zooming.


250g-Class Ultralight Design

Sleek and lightweight design, weighing only 250 grams, with no training or permits required in most areas. Sized like a smartphone, incredibly portable, and easily foldable for convenient storage, allowing you to enjoy flying pleasure anytime, anywhere.


3-axis Stabilized Mechanical Gimbal

The FIMI Mini 3 features an advanced three-axis brushless gimbal with upgraded LOS precision stabilization algorithm. With a built-in high-precision attitude sensor unit and full-closed-loop servo control system, it achieves control precision up to 0.005°. No image cropping is required, ensuring smooth and stable aerial footage even during high-speed flights in strong winds, capturing every exciting moment faithfully.



Advanced Satellite Positioning System

The quad-star multi-mode global positioning system simultaneously receives signals from GPS, Glonass, Beidou, and Galileo, providing faster and more accurate positioning. Stay one step ahead with quicker take-offs and enjoy smooth flying with enhanced navigation precision.


USB Type C Fast-charging Battery

The battery features a USB-C port and supports rapid charging up to 27W, enabling convenient fast charging using your phone's charger wherever you go.



Strong Wind Resistance

Utilizing motors with minimal magnetic gap alongside efficient and quiet propellers, our drone offers greater thrust-to-weight ratio and faster response speed. With strong wind resistance, it ensures safe flying in most conditions, whether it's atop mountains or by the seaside. Fly confidently and enjoy the adventure!



Powerful Flight Plan Shooting

With the FIMI Navi Mini App, you can pre-plan your flight route, allowing the drone to automatically follow the designated path. Additionally, you can review and playback your flight records with ease.


SAR Model

With 6x digital zoom, a light weight, 9km long-range transmission and precise GPS positioning, let the FIMI MINI 3 join rescue missions and lend you a helping hand.




With its totally redesigned UI, the FIMI Navi Mini App is now more user-friendly and intuitive than ever. It introduces a plug-and-play feature that seamlessly connects the remote to your mobile device using an OTG cable, eliminating the need for any complex configurations.



Remote Controller

Portable remote controller, palm-sized for easy carrying. Newly upgraded image transmission receiver let you enjoy stabler and smoother image transmission.


2T AI Computing Power

Smart Tracking Modes

With its 2T AI computing power, it intelligently identifies and tracks over 30 targets in real-time, including people, vehicles, boats, and animals, enhancing its effectiveness in various scenarios.



One-tap Video

With just one tap, the FIMI MINI 3 captures cinematic shots effortlessly. User-friendly and ideal for both adults and beginners alike.



Precision Lading

The FIMI MINI 3 employs its underside camera to identify the launch pad, enabling precise landing directly onto it.



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