Dragon II Wingspan 1200mm Model Airplane 2S-4S Power Full-Module Dual-Tail EPP Dual-Engine FPV Aircraft Model UAV Fixed Wing


Color: Dragon II (PNP)

KIT (Customer self-assembly)

An empty aircraft does not contain any electronic equipment. The original factory configuration usually has a foam body, wings, tail, hatch cover, motor seat, steering gear rod, carbon tube, etc., depending on the different equipment of each aircraft. Some models need to be glued to hydrate the fuselage, and some models are glued and sent out, and only need to do simple assembly. If the KIT version is shipped without glue, you need to buy it yourself. In addition, you also need to purchase the motor, ESC, steering gear, propeller, remote control, and battery suitable for the aircraft of your choice. After assembling and debugging, you can simply visually fly. The remote control distance is about 1-2km.

PNP (Customer self-assembly)

Including empty machine, motor, ESC (without bec, you need to purchase extra ubec), steering gear, propeller, you need to assemble it yourself, and the wires and glue needed for the machine will be included. The attached materials are packaged according to different models. In addition, Need to buy remote control, batteries. After assembling and debugging, you can simply fly visually. Remote control distance

It is about 1-2km.


Brand Name:REPTILE

Item Name:DRAGON-2

Version: KIT, PNP(optional)

Material: EPP

Wingspan: 1200mm

Fuselage Length: 700mm

CG: 56mm behine the wing

Packing Size: 470mm*340mm*210mm

Weight: 550 grams (Without electronic equipment)

Position for GoPro 5/6/7: Can be installed in the head (Installation angle:? -8°)

Recommended Parts?(Not Included):

Servo: 9 grams*4,?

ESC: 30A-40A

Motor: 2306 KV1250

Propeller: 7040

Radio System: 2.4GHz 4 channels with elevon mixing

Battery: 3S-4S 3300mAh-5300mAh LiPo

FPV Cam: Mini FPV Camera (19mm*19mm)

Flight Controller: SN-L+ Flight Controller,?

KIT Version Included:

1x?REPTILE DRAGON-2 1200mm Wingspan EPP FPV RC Airplane KIT

Note: Motor, ESC, servo, propeller, battery, charger,transmitter,receiver,flight controller,FPV devices and glue are not included.

PNP Version Included:

1x?REPTILE DRAGON-2 1200mm Wingspan EPP FPV RC Airplane KIT

2x 2306 1250KV?Motor

4x 9g Servo

2x 30A ESC

2x 7040 3-blade Propeller

Note: Battery, charger,transmitter,receiver, flight controller, FPV devices and glue are not included.


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