DF Mini Spirit RC Airplane 470mm 60g EPP Foam Airplane Flying Model Aircraft Kits Delta Wing Remote Control Glider KIT/PNP


Color: KIT 2 sets
Product parameters
Material: EPP Super Fall Resistance
Wingspan: 47CM
Take-off weight: 60 g
Motor: 1104-5700KV
Electric regulation: 6A
Steering gear: 2G
Blade: 2804 Trifoil
Batteries: Only 2S capacity around 500
Flight Control: Autonomous Development Supports Self-Stabilizing High Throwing Function
Instruction Video:
DF ghost delta wing video tutorial, copy link to web page, open
Use steps and function display of DF delta wing:
https://v.youku.com/v_ show/id_ XNDQ5MDAzMjUzMg==.htmlspm=a2h3j.8428770.3416059.1
DF delta wing outfield takeoff inspection:
https://v.youku.com/v_ show/id_ XNDQ5MDAyMjQzNg==.html?spm=a2h3j.8428770.3416059.1
DF delta wing wiring video and precautions:
https://v.youku.com/v_ show/id_ XNDIyODQ0OTM2MA==.html?spm=a2hzp.8244740.0.0
Package included: 
KIT version: 
 2 sets  Airframe + Pull rod + Rudder angle + Glue 
(excluding any electronic accessories)
(2 set means frame has 2 set, the component is 1 set)
PNP version:
 KIT + Motor + ESC + Flight Control + Steering Engine+ Paddle Blade
( Without assembly)
Pls note the glue will not be included due to customs checking




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