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Color: Spot Welder
1. The intelligent spot welding program is added, the trigger switch is abandoned when the bottom is removed, and the program automatic control point is used instead.
Welding action, when the welding pen touches the nickel sheet, the spot welding pulse is automatically output! Do whatever you want! No need to press
Close! At the same time, the delayed spot welding mode is abandoned! Leave everything to the program, free your hands, and truly do it
Use the effect you want to click!
2. Upgrade from the original 3rd gear to the current 5th gear. This can better adapt to different batteries,
Batteries with poor performance can also be spot welded, and also adapt to more convenient use scenarios, different nickel sheets
Thickness can have more gear options!
3. The structure of the board has been optimized, and the circuit design is more reasonable! All interfaces have reserved pads,
It is very convenient for the LED button to be externally attached to the case!
4. Program optimization, adding two functions: automatic spot welding and delayed spot welding. - The key switch is convenient and practical.
5. Add the shutdown program to shut down to achieve zero power consumption. Even if it is not used, the battery will not be stored for a few months.
Damaged due to power loss!
Product introduction
■Need to prepare a 3.7-4.2V 5000MA power lithium battery with a discharge rate of 65C,
The output capacity is about 325A (that is, the model aircraft 1 S lithium battery has a high rate of 65C).
Through the output of the MOS tube, this energy will be concentrated at the end of the welding pen, and the heat will be generated by short-circuiting.
Firmly fuse the nickel sheet to the battery. All this will happen in milliseconds,
Comes with a charging control module, charges the battery through the USB port, and the full power is om
Commonly used nickel-plated sheets within 0.1mm-0.12mm can weld hundreds of solder joints with one charge.
Installation steps and precautions:
1. To operate this product, you need to have considerable electrical knowledge. Do not short-circuit and reverse the electrodes.
Otherwise, the short-circuit current of 300A will make you doubt your life.
2. Remove the circuit board, use a soldering iron to solder the buzzer (long legs are positive, short legs are negative) and deal with
Good solder joints so as not to pierce the battery after installation.
3. The copper ears of the black soldering pen are connected to the circuit board through M5 screws. On the upper surface, the red turtle soldering pen
The copper ear is connected to the positive electrode of the battery (the back of the circuit board)
4. Fully charge through the USB cable after assembly (to ensure the durability of the battery, we set a lower
the charging current, the charging process is about 4 hours, the red light is on when charging, and the green light is turned on when fully charged)
5. After connecting the battery, the circuit board defaults to the power-on state and automatically delays for about 10 minutes.
Power off, press the switch to power on and select the welding current intensity.
Instructions for use
function button:
1. Used to switch the machine. 2. It is used to switch gears and spot welding mode.
Turn on the spot welding machine: Press and hold the function key for 2 seconds to release the spot welding machine to turn on.
Shift: The default 1st gear after power on, press and hold the function key for 2 seconds to release to increase the 1st gear
-A total of 5 gears, there will be sound and LED light indication.
For example: the 3rd gear, the buzzer sounds three times, the LED flashes 3 times, - a total of 5 gears, from the 1st gear
To the 5th gear, the spot welding strength is gradually strengthened, and the 5th gear is the strongest.
After the 5th gear, press and hold the button again, it will turn off, and in the off state, long pressing the button will
Turn it on, and at the same time, the gear returns to the 1st gear.
man com
Switch mode: in any gear, short press the function key, switch mode L 2, there are 2 modes:
Timing Output Mode and Trigger Mode



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