DarwinFPV FoldApe4 4 Inch Folding Long Range FPV Drone F411 15A ELRS AIO Quadcopter O3 BNF




DarwinFPV FoldApe4 is a 4-inch MicroLongRange FPV drone. It adopts an innovative foldable structure design, and its volume is reduced by 70% after folding. It can be easily put into your pocket and is very suitable for taking pictures of scenery when you travel.

Take-off weight below 250g, complies with regulations in most countries. It can fly for 20 minutes using a 3S 1150mAh battery and it can fly using a 3S 3000mAh 18650 battery 30 minutes, the flight distance can be up to 10 kilometers (DJI O3 Unit), and the maximum speed can be 105 km/h. It is more like a toothpick fpv drone, very light, efficient and quiet.

We have solved the vibration and arm rigidity problems caused by folding through specially designed carbon fiber propeller clamps and arm structures. Even when performing high-intensity movements such as freestyle and flip over after crash, the arm will not fold back!


Of course, the ultimate cost-effectiveness has always been what DarwinFPV pursues, and this FoldApe4 is no exception. The analog version is almost half the price of similar products!




1: It is small in size after folding. You don't need to disassemble the propeller. It is easy to store and carry. It can be put directly into your pocket. It is very suitable for traveling and shooting scenery;

2: Many players are concerned about the problem of strength for the arms. For this reason, we designed the arms to be fixed with two screws after being unfolded. Even if there is an accidental fall out of control or flip over after crash situation, you don't have to worry about the arms folding back. After the screws are locked, it will be no difference in regular drone;

3: Many friends are concerned about the vibration problem. For this reason, we abandoned the original plastic propeller clamp of GEMFAN and used a high-precision metal bushing with a carbon fiber propeller clamp to control the accuracy to ±0.05mm, which is smaller, lighter and more durable than the original propeller. It is difficult to feel the difference from ordinary two-blade propellers;

4: Using the same 1504 long-life motor from DJI, paired with a 3S 1150mah battery, it can cruise on empty for 20 minutes (analog version);

5: Large size GPS is more stable and has stronger reception signal than small size. If you can choose a larger GPS, try to use a larger one. During emergency rescue, don't be afraid of ten thousand, just be afraid of the unexpected!

6: The drone only weighs about 120 grams, which is lighter and lasts longer than similar 4-inch drones;

7: Wide X structure design, which is different from the asymmetry of front and rear moments caused by DC (DeadCat) structure, and has a better flying feel;


Packing List:

1 x FoldApe4 FPV drone

1 x Gray velvet bag

1 x Accessories pack

1 x Spare screws pack

1 x Logo sticker

1 x Manual card

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