DarwinFPV ExpressLRS ELRS AIO F4 FC FPV Bluejay 2.4G Flight Controller Whoop Betaflight 15A OSD BEC 1-3S 4In1 ESC




FC MCU:                STM32F411CEU6(100MHz)

IMU:                       ICM-20689(SPI)

OSD:                       Betaflight OSD AT7456E

RF:                          SX1280(2.4GHz)

BEC output:          5V/2A  & 3.3V/0.2A

Firmware target:     betaflight_4.3.0_BETAFPVF4SX1280


2x Uarts(1,2)

1x SBUS(RX1 inverter)

1x Softserial_TX option

1x External USB solder pad     

1x CRT(Current)  

1x BUZZ    

1x RGB


ESC MCU:                          EFM8BB21F16G

Input Voltage:                      1-3S LiPo

Continuous current:            15A

MAX current (5seconds):   17A

ESC Traget:                        Bluejay_S_H_50_48_v0.14


Size:                                    37x36x10.8mm

Installing Hole:                   25.5x25.5mm(M2)

Weight:                               5.0g


This is the updated version for Darwin AIO. We integrated the ELRS receiver on the FC to make it easier to apply to the mini Drone. ESC adopts Bluejay firmware and is compatible with 1-3S Lipo input, and the maximum current reaches 17A.FC provides 2 sets of Uarts interfaces and at the same time provides various external devices interfaces such as SBUS, Softserial, CTR, BUZZ, RGB and so on , which perfectly solves the problem of insufficient quantity of F411 Uarts.



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